Introduction: Sorting Out the Seeds

Hi! I’m Mixed Sunflower Seeds, a Chinese-Belgian girl in her twenties who is awfully confused about her identity. Between almost finishing university and being a literal hot mess, I decided it’s high time to sort out some things before I venture into the real world.

Identity is something everyone struggles with at some point in their life, they say. There’s no doubt about that. But what if you struggle with basic things like introducing yourself? What if you feel like you don’t belong to any country? What if you feel like you don’t even have real hobbies?

My gosh, and what if your identity crisis started the day you were born, being a mix of two worldly different cultures? Top it off with an anxiety disorder that affects your day-to-day life.

Yeah, that’s basically the gist of it.

So please, join me on my journey to sort out my identity crisis. I will be doing so with the help of my favourite flower, the sunfloweršŸŒ». During this journey to find myself I will be planting sunflower seeds that will hopefully grow into a healthy and strong flower. It’s here to symbolise my growth and progress! Please follow my Instagram page where I document the entire process. It is also a safe space for conversation and interaction with anyone who relates or wants to contribute their opinion šŸ™‚

Everyone welcome. Except the overly critical and the severely judgmental. Respectfully.

Here’s my next blog post:

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