Stem Characteristics

My plant is definitely growing well, as you can see. Part of growing up is having some distinctive personality traits. What are they?

Part of my identity journey is getting to know myself inside and out, which has always been kind of an issue for me. I’m not quick to tell you what my main personality traits as a person are, and even when I’m on my own, I have difficulties describing myself. But, I do know my negative traits very well. I know very well that I can be messy, nervous, insecure, and distracted, for example. Being sure on your negative traits while being tongue-tied when asked to name your positive traits obviously leads to being insecure.

Do you ever feel like your personality changes depending on who you’re with? With some people I am quiet and reserved, and with others I am outgoing and laid back. I know that this depends on how comfortable I feel with the person and how long I’ve known them, but this seriously confuses me sometimes when I try to understand my main personality traits.

A method I’ve learned from a professional that helps battle this problem seems so simple you’d wonder why you haven’t thought of this before. I mean, maybe you have, but personally I didn’t. You take a list of traits, both positive and negative, and you go over them one by one, circling the traits you think you have. It’s as simple as that. Honestly, this method definitely helps me have a clearer picture of who I am. Here’s some examples of lists you can also use:

With the help of this list, I was able to list some of my positive traits, which I feel confident about. I am able to say that I am considerate and honest as positive traits, for example. As for personality that changes with people, I’m sure that’s normal. We cannot treat everyone in the same way, because everyone is different. It’s part of being dynamic and adaptable, and also shows that you need time to feel comfortable, which is also a personality trait. Needless to say, of course I don’t completely know myself now just because I looked at some lists. I obviously still have experiences to go through and other aspects of myself to find out, but the lists are a good start.

If you have the same issue as me, I’d recommend you take some time to look at these lists and analyse yourself. It definitely helps with getting to know yourself better and feeling more confident in who you are.

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